About Us

RR ACRES Owned and operated by Rae E. Roulston.

I fell in love with Arabian horses in my teens when I had the pleasure of living in Beirut, Lebanon and was fortunate to have a variety of Arabian horses to ride and learn from.

Upon moving back to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, purchased my beloved companion of 30 years FAHDAN aka Daniel. Myrle Tessari, an early mentor, introduced me to Dean and Russ Mayberry, who bred Daniel and allowed me to purchase him. We had many wonderful times together, growing up, learning, learning and learning some more, training, showing, riding for fun, breeding and raising a few foals along the way. We had such wonderful times and memories that will always be treasured by me.

I purchased an absolutely beautiful purebred mare GARAONA in the hopes of raising a purebred offspring from Daniel. As luck would have it the union was never successful, however GARAONA was in foal when purchased and she presented me with the most amazing and incredible gift - RR GAR-SUN. GAR-SUN is a story unto himself and is certainly a treasure - beautiful, kind, responsive, unbelievable temperament, athletic and talented beyond belief. He is the most breathtaking horse I think I have ever encountered and I am always amazed that he is actually mine.

A few years later GARAONA presented me with RR KHAMSOON-SUN, the epitome of an Arabian horse, beauty, build, equally as talented and with the sweetest nature you could possibly want. Sooner unfortunately has had to take a back seat to GAR-SUN's career.

Raising quality partbred arabians for sporthorse and performance disciplines has been my major goal, and the youngsters I have produced so far are exceeding my expectations.

Support in training and showing of my horses has been in the capable and talented hands of SANDRA FENSTAD-SANCHE.