RR Gar-Sun


A huge thank you to

  • Joni DeWitt of Sicamous, British Columbia
  • Joan and Katherine Reader of Leduc
  • Tracey Walker and Sharon Brunner both of Red Deer

for bringing their lovely mares back a second time to be bred again to RR GAR-SUN.

Thank you as well Loreley and Muriel Wills of Edmonton for choosing Gar-Sun to cross with your sweet mare. May you all be blessed with healthy, beautiful babies.

Congratulations to Margaret-Anne Byrne on her purchase of Double Vision. Watch for these two competing in the 13 and under Division.

Aftershade at Scottsdale in 2010.

Gar-Sun son "AFTERSHADE" is competing in the Battle of the Breeds with the Arabian Team, at Spruce Meadows.



  • Tracy Walker on the safe arrival of this gorgeous Gar-sun son - aka CREED.
    What a lovely boy.

  • Sharon Brunner on the safe arrival of her gorgeous filly, Moxie.
    (RR Gar-Sun x Calypso Spring Bay).

RR THEODORE-SUN aka Teddy and RR Triple H-Sun aka 'H'

From the Show Ring

RR THEODORE-SUN aka Teddy, is the Region 6 Sporthorse Partbred Geldings In-Hand Reserve Champion in both the Open and the Amateur classes. He tied with the Champion on the Open Class but lost in the draw and in the Amateur Class was .4 behind the Champion.

Teddy also earned a Region 17 Top 5 Geldings-In-Hand Open.

2009 & 2010 RR GAR-SUN offspring AFTERSHADE (x Justalilbitshady - TB) and BLU BY YOU (x Bonita - Trakehner) had amazing show results under the capable hands of Deb and Dana Adolphson, at Regionals, Nationals and Scottsdale.

SHN Payback

GAR-SUN has been nominated to the SHN Payback program again for the 2010 breeding season. Proceeds from the sale of his half price breeding are put into the payback program to be paid out to offspring of nominated sires in certain classes at Sport Horse Nationals. Please check out the website for further details. Don't waste time, take advantage of this great offer.

The Canadian Arabian Horse Registry tallied up registered offspring and named GAR-SUN as one of the top producing sires of Partbed Progeny. Details in the lastest Canadian Arabian News.

Winter Fair Reflections

The Royal Manitoba Winter Fair was Incredible. It was a real pleasure to meet so many absolutely wonderful people. They were down to earth totally devoted to their horses and took such pride in presenting them. The fair pretty much had something there for everyone - show jumping, entertainment trainers with their horses and dogs, exhibits and sale items of all kinds associated with a fair. They also held open flat classes and something I had never seen were the hackney pony driving classes - are they too cute but hot little critters!!! Appears to be the ideal horse to go to when one does not ride anymore but still want to work with and show horses.

What really wow'd me were the Draft Horses. They are absolutely heart stopping - gentle, patient, affectionate, massive, powerful, and spirited when hitched and in the ring to show as well as being absolutely gorgeous animals. The heavy horse harness classes showed single, double, unicorn, 4 in hand, 6 in hand and 8 in hand. I don't believe I have ever seen such spectacular performances, particularly the 6 & 8 in hands. The drivers were amazing. They certainly had me in awe. Being stabled right beside them was a real eye opener. There is a huge amount of work, time and effort by the entry crews to show the "Heavies" (makes getting a saddle horse ready seem rather insignificant) - Grooming, braiding, combing feathers, harnessing, taking them to hitch to the carts/wagons, ensuring driving lines are straight and finally into the ring for their performance. Upon leaving the ring they unhitch and the horses are led back to the barn to remove, clean and store each harness in the appropriate horse's tack box and then rinse off the horses, stall them and of course all the other normal chores that go with showing. The thrill of the sounds involved when someone calls out "the heavies are coming" and then listening to their echoing footfalls as they are led down the long cement corridor was almost as good as watching them. I was really pleased to witness the camaraderie and friendships amongst the competitors, and was totally impressed with the various team crews leaping over the show ring fences to help out a rig, when a mishap was in the making. Not a second thought except to get a handle on the horses and stop the rig, fix whatever problem there was or unhitch and take the horses away. Bottom line, if you have the opportunity, do go and spend some time with them. Take advantage.

With respect to Gar-Sun, after one day of the "Heavies" continually clomping by his stall, he was totally show broke. I was very pleased with time allowed for Gar-Sun to do his dressage demonstrations. The crowds were appreciative and he was often called to do an encore. Gar-Sun and Sandra had a blast and sure knew how to please the audience. By the time we had him back to his stall there was often a crowd gathered waiting to see, greet and pet him. There his marvellous disposition, gentle nature and love of people would shine. Being the subject of such admiration, he received all his fans with patience, good manners and he certainly wasn't the least bit camera shy. He stood endlessly allowing visitors (from babies patting him and tolerating their little fingers poking in his nose, teenagers petting him with stars and dreams in their eyes, adults assessing possible crosses, to seniors patting and rubbing his nose fondly reminiscing, often with tears in their eyes. He has always shown extra special understanding and tolerance with special needs individuals, who have roared up to him on foot or in motorized conveyances, and who are not always able to control where their fingers are going or suddenly having arms around his neck in a tight hug. His grace and tolerance often had parents or guardians looking for a tissue and they couldn't thank us enough for the special opportunity afforded them.

What amazing horses ARABIANS are...AND I can't begin to tell you how PROUD I am of GAR-SUN.